My Little Brother


Micaela Dasmarinas

For many years, I've been dreaming to have a little brother. Now that I have him, I'm creating a painting to show my love.

I've used this various tools to paint: pencils, eraser, sketchbook, watercolor paper, and watercolor.

The set I have and prefer is from Greenleaf & Blueberry. It’s an artist-grade set, which means that it’s a little pricey {but oh-so-wonderful}! That said, if you’re just beginning, you really don’t have to invest in an artist-grade set.

Next, I blended the colors from the palette. The process behind mixing colors is straightforward: put one color in the palette, then add another color. Mix them together, and you’ll get a new color!

Look at my brother!

Becoming a better artist is like becoming a better guitarist.

There’s no way you become a great (or even decent) guitarist without picking up a guitar, grabbing a music book, learning where the notes and positions are, and this is the most important part, practicing the guitar.

You don’t play the song the right way the first time. You don’t play it perfectly. Instead, you play, and you play, and you play – again and again and again – until you get good.

And the same is true for watercolor painting.

You want to get better at watercolor painting. You must practice. Not a little. A lot. Consistently.

Because the bad stuff you do, the mistakes you make, go away after time. But you have to put in the time to make everything work.

2 Encouragements

Micah San Diego July 19, 2018 at 4:52 pm

You have a talent in drawing. Maybe you can share more of your artworks. :)

Lyle Belen July 28, 2018 at 9:01 am

I love the artwork, keep it up!