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If you just decided to practice your photography skills, this short introductory course is for you!

Photography is taking photos one step at a time!

Perhaps you have been wanting to learn more about using the camera to create a beautiful photos, but were daunted by the unfamilarity of the tools.

This course de-mystifies the use of authentic photography tools.

Learn :

  • to correctly insert the nib into the pen-holder;
  • to load the reservoir and get the ink to flow onto your paper;
  • how to create the thick and thin strokes of the letter;
  • why it is important to keep your pen at a 45° angle;
  • where to place your letters in the guidelines;
  • what the ductus is ;

Presented by Niko Villegas, a qualified photographer, this course starts with a keynotes presentation that will first give you a quick overall view of Calligraphy essentials, followed by a series of videos will help you get started in Calligraphy.

Who is the target audience?

If you want to learn to take beautiful photos using your digital SLR, and don’t know where to start, this short series of videos is for you! Or perhaps you have been doing photography for a while, but have always used markers or parallel pens and now you want to learn to write with pen & ink, join me for this course. Those of you that have experience with pen & ink may find this series too elementary for your level.

Course Curriculum

  •   Introduction
  •  Welcome and Tools
  •   Photography Basics
  •   Uses of Camera
  •  Parts of the Camera
  •   Technical Know-how

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Rodel Tapaya

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Rodel Tapaya is a Filipino painter whose works have gained renown and critical acclaim by winning in several regional art contests and exposure in international exhibitions.